UNDP Project Portal

Climate actions supported by UNDP,
funded by Green Climate Fund and partners

Portfolio overview

Government request received by UNDP

  • Initial stakeholder consultation
  • Project idea formulation
  • Concept note development
  • Project Preparation Facility accessed, if required

Concept Note Submitted

  • Funding proposal package development
  • No-objection issued by the National Designated Authority

Funding Proposal Submitted

  • GCF Secretariat review
  • Independent Technical Advisory Panel review
  • Board considerations

Funding Proposal approved

  • Funded Activity Agreement between UNDP and GCF signed and effective
  • Monitoring and reporting

Project Closure

Overview of UNDP-GCF pipeline by project status and regions

Project idea stage / New request for assistance
Concept note submitted / Funding Proposal under development
Project Preparation Facility request approved
Funding proposal submitted and under GCF review
Approved funding proposal
Overview of portfolio by number of countries supported - for projects under all stages of development
Overview of portfolio by number of countries supported - approved projects

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