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Project Details

Project Title Indonesia REDD+ RBP for results period 2014-2016
Project Size REDD+ Results Based-Payment Proposal
Project Coverage Country
Region Asia & Pacific
Country Indonesia
Participating Countries Indonesia
Result Areas Forestry and land use
Project Status Funding proposal approved
Project Grant Amount (USD) 103,781,250.00
Project Duration (months) 48 
Project Start Date 26/05/2021
Project End Date 26/05/2025
GCF Focus Mitigation
Indonesia REDD+ RBP for results period 2014-2016

Green Climate Fund Approves Indonesia’s REDD+ RBP Proposal of USD 103.8 Million

Project Documents
NDA No-objection Letter (Annex)

GCF REDD+ RBP Proposal

Safeguards Framework (Annex)

Timetable of project/programme implementation/Multi-Year Work Plan (Annex)

Gender assessment and action plan (Annex)

Environmental and Social Report Disclosure (Annex)

Project Timelines
  • REDD+ RBP Proposal Submission (first)


  • REDD+ RBP Proposal Submission (last)/awaiting GCF review/approval


  • GCF Comments on RBP Proposal (first)


  • GCF Comments on RBP Proposal (last)


  • Date when the last iTAP comments were received


  • GCF Board Approval


  • FAA Effectiveness/Project Start


  • Disbursement Request Submission


  • Actual Date of First Disbursement (from GCF)


  • Inception workshop

  • Interim Independent Evaluation

  • Project Completion

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