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Project Details

Project Title Scaling up climate resilient water management practices for vulnerable communities in La Mojana
Project Size GCF medium (USD 50-≥250 million)
Project Coverage Country
Region Latin America & the Caribbean
Country Colombia
Participating Countries Colombia
Result Areas Health and well-being, and food and water security
Ecosystems and ecosystem services
Project Status Funding proposal approved
Project Grant Amount (USD) 38,495,980.00
Project Duration (months) 96 
Project Start Date 29/05/2018
Project End Date 29/05/2026
GCF Focus Adaptation
Scaling up Climate Resilient Water Management Practices for Vulnerable Communities in La Mojana, Colombia
Project Documents
Map indicating the location of the project/programme (Annex)

Safeguards Framework (Annex)

Feasibility Study (Annex)

Gender assessment and action plan (Annex)

GCF Funding Proposal

Confirmation letter or letter of commitment for co-financing (Annex)

NDA No-objection Letter (Annex)

Timetable of project/programme implementation/Multi-Year Work Plan (Annex)

Environmental and Social Report Disclosure (Annex)

Project Timelines
  • GCF FP Submission (first)


  • GCF FP Submission (last)/awaiting GCF review/approval


  • GCF feedback/comments received on FP (first)


  • GCF feedback/comments received on FP (last)


  • Technical Advisory Panel feedback/comments received on FP


  • GCF Board Approval


  • FAA Effectiveness/Project Start


  • Disbursement Request Submission


  • Actual Date of First Disbursement (from GCF)


  • Inception Workshop


  • Interim Independent Evaluation

  • Project Completion

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